Compression Valves


From our massive 108mm ABCO Gate Valve to a humble washing machine valve we stock compression ended valves for every application. Compression ended valves give the end user the flexibility of getting the valve straight on to the existing pipework. We stock compression valves in the following sizes: 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm & 54mm, 67mm, 76mm & 108mm.

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ABCO Large Size Compression Gate Valves

ABCO Large Size Compression Stopcocks

Compression Gate Valves Brass

Compression Gate Valves DZR

Compression Lockshield Gate Valves Brass

Compression Lockshield Gate Valves DZR

Compression Stopcocks DZR

Compression Lockshield Stopcocks DZR

Compression Ball Lever Valves

Ballofix Valves Lever Handle

Ballofix Valves Screwdriver Slot

Compression Service Valves

Compression Double Check Valves

Compression Washing Machine Valves

Compression Washing Machine Tee

Compression Scottish Pattern Sludge Cocks

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Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists recommend UK Manufactured copper Tube for use with all our Compression Valves & Fittings