Securex Fitting Instructions

Securex Fitting Instructions

Making a Securex joint is a quick and simple operation. The following notes should be read in conjunction with the illustrations shown:

Step 1

Cut the tube to the required length, ensuring a square face on the cut-end. A hacksaw is preferable to a tube-cutter as the latter tends to swage-in the end of the tube.

Step 2 & 3

Remove any burrs from the external and internal surfaces at the cut end. Particular attention should be paid to the internal surface as this is the seating face.

Step 4

Slip the Securex capnut on to the tube and insert the correct Securex expanding tool for the tube in use. A light smear of lubricant on the working faces of the expanding tool will minimise friction and facilitate the flaring operation. Drive the expanding tool into the tube up to the gauge ring. Keep the expanding tool in line with the tube at all times.

Step 5 & 6

Assemble the joint by placing the cone into the body of the fitting and the flared end of the tube over the protruding end of the cone. Hand engage the nut then tighten firmly with a spanner.

Securex joints can be assembled dry. However it is recommended that a thin film of jointing compound is applied to the external surface of the cone. This will assist in preventing galling or binding when pulling up the joint.

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